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A.J. Bouye says ‘real’ fans will ‘respect’ how the Jaguars played against the Steelers

This is... confusing.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The post game interview is always an emotional time. It’s why reporters push for quicker access and a team’s public relations staff would rather have players shower and leave, especially after a loss.

After the Jacksonville Jaguars lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in their biggest home letdown in franchise history (yup) several players talked with something of a chip on their shoulders. Malik Jackson was surly about not starting, Jalen Ramsey said he’s “battling” emotions, and A.J. Bouye... well, he talked about “real” fans who will respect what the team did despite the loss.

Minutes after the game, Bouye was asked to reflect on the loss. Here are Bouye’s comments:

“I’m proud of our boys; we fought hard,” Bouye said. “We tried to come out with a win for the fans but the real ones will respect what we did. We’ve bounced back and I know everything hasn’t been pretty in the last few weeks, but that was a tough-fought game against a team who’s been rolling and we did everything but win.”

I... don’t get it.

Best case scenario is he’s talking about how truly intelligent sports fans will look past the box score and respect how the defense dominated for much of the game.

Worst case scenario is he’s in the Jalen Ramsey camp of not booing this team because booing is what “fake fans” do.

I’m inclined to believe the latter — Ramsey and Bouye are close and their language of real versus fake is too much to be merely coincidental.

What do you think? Is Bouye calling out fake fans just like his counterpart in the secondary? Or is it just a coincidence and Bouye means something totally different?