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Jacksonville Jaguars News: A candid look at players reacting to Jalen Ramsey trade rumors

Scenes from a lost season and more for your Tuesday morning!

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Scenes from a lost season in Jacksonville

The push notification blared across the smartphone screens of many Jacksonville Jaguars as they entered the stadium, took seats in front of their lockers and began to swap street clothes for warmup gear. BREAKING: ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Jaguars will be open to trading all-pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey in the offseason. Players filing into the locker room or returning from pre-game tape jobs looked to Ramsey, alone at his locker, his head buried in a hoodie. He would say nothing.

Just bench Blake Bortles already

The Jacksonville Jaguars blew a 16-0 lead against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday because of quarterback Blake Bortles. Point blank. There is no more dancing around it or hedging anymore. The Jaguars lost because Blake Bortles is bad and it’s painfully obvious that the coaching staff has zero belief in his ability as a passer.

The Jaguars passed the ball a total of 18 times and it felt like at a certain point they decided they weren’t even going to play around anymore and even try to pass it. Late in the game there was one specific play that was just the epitome of what the day was.

The Jaguars need to fire everyone

The Jacksonville Jaguars should request for the NFL to realign them back to the AFC Central. The Pittsburgh Steelers came back from down 16-0 in the third quarter to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars on a last second quartback rush from two yards out by Ben Roethlisberger, 20-16.

The defense played nearly flawless for three and a half quarters, with Jalen Ramsey owning Antonio Brown and registering two interceptions, Barry Church’s old ass also even got a pick, that’s how dominant they played, but it wasn’t enough. Leonard Fournette ran his ass off and showed explosiveness and power once again after being out with a hamstring almost all of 2018 thus far, but it wasn’t enough.

5 Jaguars players who stood out against the Steelers

The Jacksonville Jaguars went out and absolutely dominated on defense. They forced four three interceptions, they kept the Pittsburgh Steelers offense in check for the vast majority of the game, and... well... it didn’t matter because the offense — specifically the quarterback — couldn’t get it done.

Who stood out in the Week 11 matchup? In honor of how many seconds the Jaguars trailed today, here are the five who stood out.

And in other Jaguars news ...