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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Week 11 sack analysis

Oh my sweet Lord they gave up six sacks.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars passing offense — in a word — awful against the Pittsburgh Steelers. They don’t trust Blake Bortles to throw and if the defense hadn’t played an all-time game this would have gotten out of hand very quickly.

Bortles averaged a pedestrian 5.7 yards per attempt and was sacked six (six!) times.

Who was responsible for those sacks? Let’s take a look.

Sack #1: 3rd & 9 at PIT 20

(4:21 - 2nd) (Shotgun) B. Bortles sacked at PIT 25 for -5 yards (J. Hargrave).

Instead of staying in his zone, backup right guard Chris Reed moves too far over to the center, leaving his space completely empty for Javon Hargrave to come over and collect the sack.

Fault: Chris Reed

Sack #2: 2nd & 10 at JAX 20

(1:37 - 2nd) (Shotgun) B. Bortles sacked at JAX 12 for -8 yards (J. Hargrave).

My God. Chris, you gotta do better, my man.

Fault: Chris Reed.

Sack #3: 3rd & 12 at JAX 24

(11:35 - 3rd) (Shotgun) B. Bortles sacked at JAX 16 for -8 yards (T. Watt). FUMBLES (T. Watt), recovered by JAX-J. Parnell at JAX 13. J. Parnell to JAX 13 for no gain (T. Watt).

The pocket didn’t just collapse, it imploded. Both Jermey Parnell and Ereck Flowers get driven way back.

Fault: Jeremy Parnell and Ereck Flowers

Sack #4: 2nd & 8 at PIT 39

(11:56 - 4th) B. Bortles sacked at PIT 48 for -9 yards (V. Williams).

Ereck Flowers, again, gets driven back and can’t anchor.

Fault: Ereck Flowers

Sack #5: 3rd & 17 at PIT 48

(11:07 - 4th) (Shotgun) B. Bortles sacked at JAX 45 for -7 yards (C. Heyward).

A near carbon copy of the first sack that I had to double check I didn’t upload the wrong GIF on accident. Chris, wyd?

Fault: Chris Reed

Sack #6: 1st & 10 at JAX 25

(0:05 - 4th) (Shotgun) B. Bortles sacked at JAX 20 for -5 yards (T. Watt). FUMBLES (T. Watt), RECOVERED by PIT-C. Heyward at JAX 27. C. Heyward to JAX 27 for no gain (D. Westbrook).

I think Blake Bortles held onto this one too long. It’s obviously not a slow-developing play with multiple receivers on crossers and Carlos Hyde on a route out to the flat. Blake needs to get rid of it.

Fault: Blake Bortles


*heavy sigh*

2018 sack totals

Player Sacks
Player Sacks
Blake Bortles 5
Jermey Parnell 4
Chris Reed 4
A.J. Cann 3.5
Josh Walker 3.5
Team 2
Andrew Norwell 2
Ereck Flowers 1.5
Brandon Wilds 1
Carlos Hyde 1
Brandon Linder 0.5

Up next: The bye week!