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6 bold predictions for Jaguars vs. Bills

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7) are visiting the Buffalo Bills (3-7) in a game that is monumentally important — only in the sense that if this team actually loses to a Josh Allen quarterbacked team the fan base will literally burn down the stadium.

Happy Sunday!

Before the game begins, we wanted to ask the Big Cat Country team (and you!) a simple question:

“How will the Jaguars do against the Bills today?”

Alfie Crow (@AlfieBCC)

I expect this game to go almost exactly how the Wild Card game went last season, except the Bills likely turn it over more because Josh Allen isn’t as careful with the ball as Tyrod Taylor.

Jaguars win 10-3

Ryan Day (@ryaneatscake)

Until this team strings together four good quarters, I’m not picking them to win. Sorry, folks. Six straight losses don’t just happen by accident.

Bills win 17-16

Jon Kurland (@BCBCouch)

After getting the defensive performance of the year and still losing, and with the team being essentially eliminated from the post-season at Thanksgiving, I can’t in good conscience pick the Jags to win a game until they show they can play offense in the NFL. That may be a while. The Bills win the game, the Jags win the draft spot.

Bills win 16-9

Ryan O’Bleness (@ryanobleness)

Josh Allen versus the Jacksonville secondary? The Jaguars have to win this one, right... right? I’m sure the offense will struggle to move the ball against a good Buffalo defense, but the Jags can’t lose to this team. I hope.

Jaguars win 19-16

Brian Fullford (@iambwf)

I feel like I’m playing out the schedule to see whether their draft position allows them to not reach for a quarterback. Neither one of these offenses are any good, so play the under right? I suggest you listen to the radio broadcast and get your Christmas decorations out.

No team with a fan base as benighted as Bills Mafia deserve a winning team.

My bold prediction is that neither team gets over 250 yards of total offense.

Jaguars win 13-3

Filip Prus (@JaxonFil)

I’m feeling a low-scoring, cold weather game, which will extrapolate Bortles’ struggles as a passer. The Bills will stuff the box and unlike last week against the Steelers, the Jaguars will likely be put in lots of third and long situations as a result. If the Jaguars were smart, they would run the wheels off Bortles with lots of misdirection and zone read stuff like they did in the playoffs last year, but we’ll see. I see a close game, and those are the types of games the Jaguars seem to consistently lose, even when they have a 97.5% win probability.

Bills win 13-10

What do you think? Got any predictions? What do you think the final score will be? Let us know in the comments below!