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Jaguars vs. Bills: Live blog Week 12

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills meet in a rematch of last season’s Wild Card playoff game. Follow along all day for coverage and our live commentary before and during the game. Feel free to leave commentary, and stay with us following the game for post-game recaps.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Florida Gators defeated the Florida State Seminoles, 41-14. Also, the Jaguars travel to America’s armpit today, when they head to New Era Field to play the equally God awful Buffalo Bills, in a showdown for pole position at the top of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Join us as we get through this together during the game, and keep it here for the postmortem following the alleged NFL match up.

Live Blog:

4:06 PM: The Jaguars got the ball back on their own 1 after the defense held and forced a punt, refused to be fielded by Westbrook. On the ensuing drive Bortles throws a high pass that deflects off of O’Shaughnessy’s hands into the arms of a Bills defender. This one is going to be over.

3:57 PM: The refs did their damndest to help the Jags move the ball thanks to several penalties on the drive, but Blake is rushed on 3rd & 4 and throws it away. Chris Reed is awful. Jags pin the ball inside the Bills 5. 21-14 Buffalo, with 8:40 left in the game.

3:49 PM: The defense holds, giving possession back to the Jaguars. God help us.

3:43 PM: Andrew Norwell leaves the game with an apparent lower leg injury and is carted off the field. The Jaguars have the NFL equivalent of the Florida St. offensive line in the game now. They go three and out and honestly this game is likely done.

3:34 PM: The defense falls apart on the ensuing drive after the madness of the Jags last possession, and it ends with Allen running it in from 11 yards out for the Bills touchdown. Bills lead, 21-14 with 14:52 left in the game.

3:27 PM: Well hell, so Bortles connects with Donte Moncrief on a 30 yard throw that appears at first to be good for a touchdown as he fought for the ball with the defender. Upon review, Moncrief is ruled down at the 1. Following the play, a melee breaks out and leads to Fournette being tossed from the game for throwing punches at Bills linebacker Shaq Lawson, who is also tossed. The Jaguars get called for holding on a would-be touchdown from Westbrook. Bortles gets sacked on back to back plays. Lambo misses the field goal attempt to go ahead by 3. What a shit show.

3:06 PM: Three and out for the Bills. Tashaun Gipson had a very good break up of a deep pass from Allen on the drive. Dede Westbrook returns it into Bills territory with 5:30 left in the third quarter, still knotted up at 14-14.

3:00 PM: Fixing my laptop, they tried throwing, Jags got a 12 men on the field call to extend the drive but cant pass their own 30 yard line. Bills take over after the punt.

2:53 PM: The Jaguars force the Bills to punt following a couple of good runs from Shady McCoy. If they pass the ball at all with Bortles again, I might throw this laptop.

2:51 PM: Folks,,,,

2:46 PM: The Jaguars open the second half and quickly go three and out as they mistakenly let Blake Bortles attempt forward passes on back to back plays.

2:42 PM: As we get ready for the second half, a word from Jalen about the current state of both offenses..

2:30 PM: The defense holds the Bills from getting into scoring range on a drive that included a Ramsey interception called back for one of the worst illegal contact calls I’ve ever seen. The teams go into halftime tied at 14.

2:23 PM: The Bills pick off a deflected pass as Bortles throws way behind Keelan Cole who has to try and reach back for the pass, only for it to bounce off his fingers and into the chest of a Bills defender. I don’t know why Blake is being allowed to throw but here we are. Bills take over at their 40 with :33 left.

2:21 PM: The Jaguars hold the Bills to another punt following penalties that resulted in a 3rd & 25 situation fro Buffalo. They’ll take over their 25 with 1:40 left in the first half.

2:06 PM: TOUCHDOWN! It has become the Leonard Fournette Show in the second quarter, as Leonard breaks off a couple of double digit gains, and is assisted by a 30 yard run from Dede Westbrook on a well executed end around, before 27 smashes his way into the end zone on an 8 yard that is called just short of the goal line on review. But he plunges in for the score three plays later to tie the game with 5:30 left in the first half. 14-14. The Jaguars have 182 yards rushing on the day thus far.

1:56 PM: The Jaguars force a three and out for the second time today, as Malik Jackson cleans up Allen on as the pocket broke down around him on 3rd and 6. Jags will take over inside their 30 yard line, with about eight minutes to go in the half.

1:49 PM: TOUCHDOWN! The Jaguars smartly decide to not let the quarterback attempt a forward pass, and instead use the legs of Fournette, Carlos Hyde, and TJ Yeldon, to drive 70 yards before Fournette punches it in from the 3 yard line. Jaguars get back into this thing, down 14-7 early in the 2nd quarter.

1:35 PM: Josh Allen hits some rookie you likely never heard of for a 75 yard touchdown, as the receiver Robert Foster jogged smoothly by the drunken lemur in coverage that has become Barry Church. 14-0 Bills.

1:29 PM: The Jaguars quickly respond, and by that I mean they go three and out, following a completed pass to Blake Bell, a batted ball that you could time with a sundial, and a drop by Donte Moncrief. The Bills will take over after an initial ruling of a fumble recovery by the Jags on the ensuing punt return, but the Bills returner was clearly down and it will be overturned.

1:22 PM: The Bills get a big pass play from Allen to Kelvin Benjamin with Jalen Ramsey in coverage, and tack on another 15 yards on a facemask penalty on Ramsey to get deep into Jags territory. They then capitalize on an end around to McKenzie who runs into the end zone untouched from 8 yards out. Bills lead early, 7-0.

1:15 PM: A defensive holding call helps the Jags get out of the shadow of their own end zone, but on 3rd and 1 Bortles can’t convert as he dumps is on play action to Leonard Fournette, who is stuffed short of the marker. Awful play. Jags punt and Bills take over at their 30.

1:06 PM: The Jaguars defense holds after a couple of broken plays lead to Allen running for a first down. The Bills pin the Jaguars at their own 2 yard line, however, following the punt. So you can expect the Bills to get the ball back shortly as we see Blake Bortles for the first time today.

1:00 PM: The Jaguars win the toss and will defer to the second half, so we’ll see rookie QB Josh Allen versus the Jags defense first.

11:40 AM: Here’s the Jaguars inactives, and one big name is somewhat surprisingly on it in defensive tackle Marcel Dareus. This is probably a downer for the former Bill in his first return to his former team.

11:37 AM: Good morning! Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, stand by for the inactives and thanks for joining us for a Jacksonville Jaguars game in the Year of our Lord, 2018.