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Doug Marrone ‘never considered’ inserting Cody Kessler into Bills game

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars look lost on offense. Their playbook is limited and defenses can stack the box with eight or nine players at times, knowing the Jaguars are either going to run the ball or throw a short crosser or to a fullback or tight end out of the flat.

It’s never been more evident that Blake Bortles is not the answer than the last two weeks. While he’s only had one interception, his 5.6 yards per attempt is near the bottom of the league — inflated heavily by some garbage time throws in the fourth quarter of yesterday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Opposing defenses are not being tested deep and even Bortles’ intermediate throws look awful.

When asked if he ever considered inserting Cody Kessler in the second half to try and jump start the offense, Marrone’s answer was blunt.

“No I didn’t.”

We’ll have a write up on the why part of this answer, but it’s inexplicable that the Jaguars would continue to trot Bortles out there under center when he obviously cannot get the job done. It’s becoming a cruel joke with seemingly no upside. He’s not getting better, he’s getting worse — and having him under center limits the offense and hurts the one thing we actually do well.

If not yesterday, when do you bench Bortles?