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Jaguars reportedly fire offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett

The Jacksonville Jaguars have fired offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The move was not much of a surprise and most fans would probably say long overdue.

Hackett was named offensive coordinator in October of 2016 after a pathetic showing on national television against the Tennessee Titans. A 36-22 final score didn’t show just how bad we were. Former offensive coordinator Greg Olson was fired and Hackett was promoted from quarterbacks coach to lead this offense and salvage what he could from Bortles.

The Jaguars offense in 2017, while not good, was efficient and was absurdly good scoring once they got to the redzone with a combination of running and passing. As for the 2018 season however, the offense outside of two games, went completely in the tank. They struggled to pick up first downs, score, and during some games complete a forward pass.

Hackett was criticized for not making good in-game adjustments, or going to lopsided with the run or pass rather than keeping things balanced and not predictable.

I would say Hackett probably deserved to be fired, but the root problems with the offense lay more with quarterback Blake Bortles than whoever the offensive coordinator is. I’m not sure what you can expect an offensive coordinator to do or game plan with a quarterback who is playing as poorly and struggling to consistently complete simple normal NFL passes as Blake Bortles this season.