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Jalen Ramsey responds to Dante Fowler trade: ‘I think it’s surprising to a lot of our teammates...’

The All-Pro cornerback sounded as disappointed as he ever has with the team.

New York Jets v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars traded away fourth-year defensive end Dante Fowler last week to the Los Angeles Rams and several teammates have expressed disappointment in the move. One such player was Jalen Ramsey, who said he was “surprised” by the trade but understands the business side, went on The Rich Eisen Show to explain.

“Yeah, one of my favorite teammates as most people probably know,” Ramsey said. “The Rams just got a good one. I mean, I’m happy for Dante that he gets to go somewhere and do what he does ... It does surprise me, it does surprise me. I think it’s surprising to a lot of our teammates. We’re big fans of Dante around here. He helps us a lot. Defensive linemen are a defensive back’s best friend, especially pass rushers. It sucks, but it’s part of the business. I hope he goes out there and enjoys the team out there and does what he can do.”

What do you think? Are you in Jalen’s boat, disappointed that he had to go or are you more happy that the team was able to recoup something from a player we likely weren’t re-signing? Let us know in the comments below.