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Should the Jaguars hire Kliff Kingsbury?

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars do not currently have an offensive coordinator. They have a quarterbacks coach in Scott Milanovich, but as of early Friday morning the offensive coordinator designation had not been given to anyone on the team’s website. That’s not a small detail still waiting to be corrected — Milanovich is described as having “taken over play-calling duties” not as being the team’s interim offensive coordinator.

That signals one (or both) of two things — the team is actively searching for an offensive coordinator and want to seem as open as possible to any candidate and the offensive coordinator duties are being decentralized, with responsibilities spread throughout the staff.

Enter Kliff Kingsbury, former head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders and points scoring guru. Since becoming an offensive coordinator in 2011, his offenses have averaged 550 yards and nearly 42 points per game. He knows how to maximize the strengths of an offense, hide deficiencies, and squeeze every bit of red zone efficiency out of his team as possible.

Which makes the Jaguars’ search for an offensive coordinator interesting. They are in desperate need of an offense to pair with their talented, if not underperforming, defense. The NFL is looking at the wide open, spread offenses sprinkled throughout college football and saying, “We could learn something.”

After early reports that USC had courted Kingsbury to be its offensive coordinator, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is refuting that report, saying “Kingsbury hasn’t agreed to any deal and is still vetting both college and NFL offers.”

There’s no way to know just how much Blake Bortles weighed down the offense and play calling, but one has to imagine he was as heavy an anchor as there could be — by the time of his benching, he wasn’t able to hit running backs in the flat or receivers running even intermediate routes.

But the Jaguars are building their offense towards the wrong era, going with a power run style and minimizing the play of the quarterbacks and wide receivers. A hire like Kingsbury could serve to right the ship in that regard... or it could stifle his creativity and leave the offensive mastermind frustrated.

What do you think? Should the Jaguars throw their hat into the ring for Kingsbury? Or is the team better served looking elsewhere?