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Doug Marrone on Blake Bortles injury: ‘He took normal throws today’

The Jaguars look to be sticking with Blake Bortles even after a bye week preceded by two poor outings from the quarterback.

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a decision to make at quarterback. Do you stick with Blake Bortles who is playing some of the worst football of his professional career? Or do you make the switch and see if backup Cody Kessler can provide a spark for an offense in desperate need of a win.

From how head coach Doug Marrone spoke yesterday after Monday’s practice, it looks like Bortles is the guy going forward.

When asked about the severity of Bortles’ injury, the way Marrone spoke it seemed to communicate that him continuing as the starter was a foregone conclusion.

“He took his normal throws today, he took all of his throws and you guys saw him out there throwing,” Marrone said. “It’s early in the week and we will just see how it goes. Your evaluation on how he looks will be the same as mine. I just saw he took the normal throws during practice. When he was out there throwing, you guys were out there.”

Marrone doesn’t split snaps in practice ahead of regular season games, so if Bortles is throwing it means Kessler likely isn’t. That’s a mistake, in my opinion, and it’s a lack of accountability by Marrone. If Bortles is indeed the guy on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts — whether by Marrone’s choice or because they just don’t have a better guy on the roster — is still a failing by the coaching staff and front office.