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Jason La Canfora gets mad on radio when called out about Tom Coughlin ‘report’

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you watched the CBS NFL pregame show on Sunday prior to kickoff, you saw a kind of weird pseudo-report from Jason La Canfora about Jacksonville Jaguars VP of football Tom Coughlin thinking about taking over as the head coach in 2019. This was amid all the uncertainty of who will be back after the disaster of the 2018 season.

When I saw this, I immediately panned it because you could tell that La Canfora was kind of just connecting dots and trying to read too much into... well really I guess jokes made by people like CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco, who often makes a crack about Coughlin coming down from the booth to coach the team.

Our own Jon Kurland kind of did his own “this is why this is bullshit” over the weekend, which I agree with. On Monday however, La Canfora agreed to join Mid-Day Chalk on 1010XL with Rick Ballou, Lauren Rew, and a filling in James Coleman.

It uh... did not go well for Jason, to put it nicely.

Just listen for yourself below and for when Coleman lands the coup de gras.

La Canfora ultimately ends the interview and hangs up, asking the hosts to lose his number. I’ve seen some people call the hosts unprofessional for asking La Canfora to reveal his sources, which is kind of a journalistic faux paux, but they don’t actually ask him that. They moreso ask if the talk is coming from inside the building or outside the building, presumably because they actually have sources in the building and know it’s not true.