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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans: Week 14 sack analysis


NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Misery! Desperation! Sadness!

The Jacksonville Jaguars offense!

This was such an awful game I don’t really want to talk about it any more than I should — who was responsible for the four sacks on Cody Kessler on Thursday night?

Sack #1: 3rd & 9 at JAX 40, 6:29 in 1Q

(Shotgun) C. Kessler sacked at JAX 32 for -8 yards (K. Byard). Penalty on JAX-E. Flowers, Offensive Holding, declined.

What a cluster. Ereck Flowers is called for holding, T.J. Yeldon misses a block, Cody Kessler can’t get rid of it — a true team failure.

Fault: Team

Sack #2: 3rd & 6 at 50, 3:11 in 2Q

(Shotgun) C. Kessler sacked at JAX 38 for -12 yards (J. Casey)

Cody Kessler has got to learn how to get the ball out of his hands. This is a makeshift offensive line he’s working behind — the routes are there and he needs to get the ball over the middle.

Fault: Cody Kessler

Sack #3: 2nd & 5 at TEN 35, 5:50 in 3Q

C. Kessler sacked at TEN 46 for -11 yards (sack split by S. Finch and J. Casey). FUMBLES (S. Finch) [J. Casey], RECOVERED by TEN-S. Finch at TEN 46. S. Finch to TEN 46 for no gain (C. Kessler).

Sweet Moses.

Fault: Team

Sack #4: 4th & 9 at JAX 45, 3:33 in 4Q

(Shotgun) C. Kessler sacked at JAX 31 for -14 yards (L.Ryan)

Leonard Fournette tripping over his own lineman’s feet is a pretty good summation of 2018 as a whole. I hate this team.

Fault: Leonard Fournette


Kill me now.

2018 sack totals

Player Sacks
Player Sacks
Team 9
Blake Bortles 8
Cody Kessler 7
A.J. Cann 6
Jermey Parnell 4
Chris Reed 4
Josh Walker 3.5
Ereck Flowers 3.5
Andrew Norwell 2
Brandon Wilds 1
Carlos Hyde 1
Leonard Fournette 1
Patrick Omameh 1
Corey Robinson 1
Brandon Linder 0.5
Josh Wells 0.5

Up next: Washington!