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Is anyone on the Jaguars safe for 2019?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

A week ago I wrote about how I thought the Jacksonville Jaguars should approach the offseason with their front office and coaching staff. More or less, they should clear out everyone and start over on that regard. I did note that I thought head coach Doug Marrone was probably going to survive along with VP of football operations Tom Coughlin, meaning that David Caldwell, Todd Wash and others would get booted.

After the last two games my opinion has kind of shifted a bit. I know that what really is two more losses, but on the flipside it’s how they lost those games. They weren’t even competitive. The only reason the Washington loss was remotely close is because of a punt return. The defense played well and got unlucky with Tashaun Gipson’s diving pass breakup on a deep pass bouncing right to the receiver, but otherwise the Josh Johnson led offense didn’t do much and still appeared like it was the Greatest Show on Turf compared to what the Jaguars were doing.

Against the Tennessee Titans they just looked listless. I don’t think they quit, but I struggle to think at this point they care much. Not only that, but they keep making the simple mistakes that good coaches usually end up limiting by years end. I’m just not sure that Marrone’s message is really being heard anymore and that has been very evident the past two weeks.

It’s hard to see a win left on the table for the Jaguars, considering their last two games against the Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans are against teams who are still playing for something. That’d be a 4-12 season that included a seven game losing streak and ending out the season on a four game losing streak.

Not great, Bob!

So the question is, who if anyone is safe and will be returning for the Jaguars in 2019? I felt like making the move to finally bench Blake Bortles for the season and roll with Cody Kessler was probably made by a coach who likely felt like he would be back the next season, but the team has been such a disaster ever since that I don’t know anymore. Was it another calculated gamble to distance himself from the decision to stick with Bortles, or was it a move made for 2019 in mind by a coach who knew he’d be back?

I don’t necessarily think Marrone is a bad coach. I think he’s a coach you can win with, but I think things just spiraled out of control in 2018 and all of their offseason bets came up worst case scenario.

As it stands as of me writing this however, I think the only person left standing after the season is Tom Coughlin.

Do you think anyone is safe?