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Doug Marrone on Jalen Ramsey, the lack of a running game, and Rudyard Kipling

Doug Marrone Press Conference

Head Coach Doug Marrone meets the media prior to practice.

Posted by Jacksonville Jaguars on Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Opening comments:

“Yesterday was Pro Bowl [announcements]. The coaches vote, the players vote and the fans vote. We had one player, Jalen Ramsey, make it. It is a credit to him that people felt like he was deserving of it. I believe so. He is a guy that has been out there every Sunday. He plays through injury. We match him on the top guys when we play, so he made that. Donald Payne will be practicing today. He will probably be the second player [to return from IR]. We look to see him coming up next week. We will see how he practices this week. If he practices well, we will try to figure out a way to bring him up. Obviously, later in the week, Ronnie [Harrison] will be put on IR. We have had Lyndon Johnson come up. We lost two practice squad players – Bo Scarbrough went to Seattle, and Allen Lazard went to Green Bay. We replaced them with Dimitri Flowers, Jordan Veasy the wide receiver and Christian Kuntz, the long snapper and really a linebacker, too. That’s where we are from a roster [standpoint]. Today, we will get out there and we will have a couple players not practicing. We will just see how they are. Leonard [Fournette] will go out there, see how he is. Jarrod Wilson had a personal issue. If he was here, he’d be out there practicing limited. We had a good walkthrough. We are getting ready to go out there, and I expect a very good practice and a focused practice.”

On if he gets the sense that he team is looking forward to the last two games:

“You would have to ask them. That’s my job to make sure that they are ready to go and get ready to play a game. The onus is on me to do that, but again, I can’t answer for them.”

On what he sees out of the Dolphins running backs despite Frank Gore being out:

“Well, first of all, let’s talk about Frank. He was really playing at a high level. He’s a difficult guy to defend. I think that’s kind of what you saw with Adrian Peterson and you look at these guys, he’s a guy that if he’s out, I think it’s obviously tough. I’m sure he takes care of his body. He’s a tremendous player, we know that. [Kenyan] Drake will come in there, and he will probably step it up. He’s a guy that has really good speed to run outside. If he breaks a line, he can take it to the house. They have good players back there, but I will just say that I have a lot of respect for Frank Gore.”

On if Ryan Tannehill doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves:

“I have played against him before when I was at Buffalo. I watched him coming out [of college] when he was coming out of Texas A&M. I know a lot about him. He has had some injuries here and there, but I have seen him where he has played at a very high level, and that’s what we have to be prepared for. When he does play at a high level, he can play extremely well. I’m sure that is what he is working on and that’s what we expect.”

On what mental fortitude it requires Kai Forbath to do his job when he doesn’t know how long he will be with the team:

“I look at it as kind of the same thing – I’ll be here today, and I’m going to do the best job I can. That’s what this league is about. I think it’s a little bit tougher if you’re on the outside to realize it when you haven’t gone through it. But I think when you go through it, you just feel fortunate that you have an opportunity. You feel fortunate that you can put something out there that other teams may like or that team you are with likes you and they are willing to keep you. I think it’s probably exciting.”

On the team struggling with penalties and how big of a factor it is:

“We already figured that out. I have the stats on it. It’s like almost 90 yards a game. Before the last game, it was about a 90-yard differential in the game. Teams that win – there is a lot of the analytical stuff that penalties don’t really play into the wins and losses. I tend to disagree with that, me personally. I think the timing of them and when they occur and when they happen play a big role. I look at it as it plays a big role in field position, but I know there is stuff out there that says that doesn’t contribute to winning and losing. I just tend to disagree with it, just having played and been around this game for so long. I can’t prove it from an analytical standpoint, but I believe it does hurt you. There is no doubt in my mind.”

On how much he attributes struggles on defense to players buying into hype from the 2017 season:

“I think for everyone, it’s not just … I look at things in life and how people deal with success and failure is pretty important. It is kind of like that poem, ‘Treat Both Imposters the Same’ by Rudyard Kipling. I really feel that way. I think when you start letting things on the outside start to cloud yourself, I think you lose that focus. I think the whole key when you are going through a 16-game season, training camp, you are going through injuries, going through ups and downs … I think maintaining that focus creates that consistency. The focus that you have and the preparation that you have. I think when you start to lose that a little bit as a player, you are not going to play at your highest level. Even as a coach, even myself, if you lose that as a coach, you are not going to be able to perform at the best level. These are things that we have talked about – making sure that we are preparing, we are putting in the work and all the fine lines. Because when you look at plays and you see things that happen in the NFL, I think a lot of times you see big plays … Everyone can tell when someone gets beat or somebody makes a big play, but what you see a lot of times where things are broken down and sometimes it’s one, sometimes it’s two, sometimes it’s three where people have lost something or gave a reason why the focus and have given that [focus] up. As coaches, we have to do a better job of that. We have to coach it better. We have to scheme it better to put it in situations where we can make it as easy as possible, so they can just go and play.”

On if he feels his message about 2018 being a new season didn’t get through to the players:

“I can’t speak for the players, but I can speak for myself. I take total responsibility in not being able to … What is on the field is my responsibility, so for me, I have done a poor job of communicating, of keeping everyone on track, of keeping everyone consistent. That falls solely on me, and I’m not going to back down from that.”

On if Calais Campbell has had a Pro Bowl season:

“I believe so, yes.”

On if he advises Jalen Ramsey not to play in the Pro Bowl because of his knee injury:

“Advise him to play in the Pro Bowl? Oh shit, I’m not even there yet. (laughter) Any time a player is hurt, whether it is Jalen or anyone else, even if it is a backup player, I treat all of that the same. The way I have always tried to handle it is from when I first started coaching, obviously you guys know my son plays football, so I have always tried to handle it like that with every single player. I’ve never … I guess that is the best way to explain it for me. How do you feel? What do you think? Get a lot of input … Obviously, get input from the medical staff and the doctors and everything, but I’ve always said the one part about this game … Your body is a commodity. You have to make sure that you stay healthy, and you have to do the things in the offseason and during the season to make sure that you can do it. You have to be prepared to think that you’re going to come into … The way the CBA is now, to think that you are not going to do anything from when the season is over till when you report, you’re just going to put yourself in jeopardy for injury risk. That is probably the toughest phase – what I call Phase I. It puts a lot of accountability on the players. During the season when those players are injured, I guess the best way to say it is, I try to look at it as how I would talk to my son. My son comes home, he has bumps and bruises and trying to know the difference between injury, what to play through, what to not, give them as much information as possible and see where that decision process comes. A lot of time in this day and age, it’s not just between the coach and the player, obviously the trainers and doctors. You have agents, you have a lot of other people that are involved with that.”

On if Leonard Fournette is a player that may need to hear the speech about how to take care of his body again:

“I don’t know. I have always talked like that. Everything I … I don’t try to speak through the media. For me, I’ve talked about this before. I’m not one of those guys that is going to come in here and say, ‘I’m going to say this and this means that for somebody.’ That is just what I believe.”

On if it is a relief that there was no structural damage in Ronnie Harrison’s knee and if that’s important:

“Yes. I think so because it is like that for everybody else. It is kind of what I was just talking about. It is the same with [Andrew] Norwell, the same type of situation. I think when those things can occur naturally where it just heals, I think it is better than going in there and obviously with surgery … That is just my opinion. I’m not a medical expert. I may be wrong, but that is how I feel. I think we all feel that way.”

On if it is shocking that the Jaguars are one of two teams that have not had a 100-yard rusher:

“Yes. I would say yes. Obviously, it shocking by just that stat.”