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Jaguars vs. Colts: Week 13 live blog

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts meet for the second time this season. Follow along all day for coverage and our live commentary before and during the game. Feel free to leave commentary, and stay with us following the game for post-game recaps.

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The 3-8 Jaguars begin the Cody Kessler Era today, for however long that may last, following the benching of Blake Bortles on Monday afternoon. They take on the surging 6-5 Indianapolis Colts, who enter the game with playoffs in mind. Follow along with us throughout the day and the post-game as we cover the...well, we’re gonna be here at least.

Live blog

4:01 PM: The Jaguars withstand the Colts last ditch effort as Ramsey knocks the Colts receiver in bounds as time expires. Jags win!

3:45 PM: On 4th and 1 from the Jaguars 26, Ronnie Harrison sacks Luck off the corner blitz to stop the Colts drive. 6-0 Jaguars as we approach the two minute warning.

3:33 PM: An offensive pass interference call on Rashad Greene Sr. puts the Jags into negative down and distance, and on third and short, Kessler is sacked and nearly turns it over losing control of the ball. Jaguars punt it back.

3:27 PM: Colts are once again forced to punt. Meanwhile, the Jags are down another offensive lineman as Jeremy Parnell is now out for the game. Yeesh.

3:19 PM: The Jags get their best drive of the day with Kessler converting first downs through the air to Westbrook and Yeldon, and Hyde rushing with some decent power. They get inside the Colts 30 before being stuffed short on 3rd & 1. Lambo makes his kick, and the Jags now lead 6-0, with 12 minutes left in the game. Next score wins.

3:09 PM: Both team exchange three and outs, as offense is becoming rare to come by today. Calais Campbell registers a sack on Luck on the Colts drive. The Jags defense has came to play today. Still 3-0 Jags, with 2:30 left in the third quarter.

2:59 PM: Jalen Ramsey comes away with a couple of huge pass break ups, and the Jags get lucky as Luck is unable to connect with a wide open Donte Inman on 3rd and long, thanks to a blown assignment in the secondary. Colts punt and Westrbook fair catches at the Jags 15.

2:51 PM: Jaguars moved the ball a bit, with Kessler converting a 3rd & 5 on a throw to Dede Westbrook that the receiver is able to convert mostly on his own. Kessler is sacked on 3rd & 4 however, and the Jaguars finally get a decent punt today from Cooke who pins the Colts inside their 25 to start their next drive.

2:43 PM: Indianapolis is forced to punt, following an offensive pass interference call puts them into a 3rd & long situation, and Ebron is stopped well short by Myles Jack.

2:41 PM: The second half is underway.

2:24 PM: It’s “Throwback Sunday” today at The Bank for the defense, as they have been playing at a level we haven’t seen much of this season but is very much a reminder of their play in 2017. Ngakoue, Telvin Smith, and Myles Jack have especially been all over the field today making plays. The Jaguars lead the Colts 3-0 at half time.

2:12 PM: Hey, we have points! The Jaguars used a pass interference call on the Colts during a sideline throw to the corpse of Keelan Cole in order to get into Colts territory. A couple of first down conversions on the ground gets them into field goal range as Josh Lambo converts the kick to make it a 3-0 lead, as we approach seconds from the two minute warning in the first half.

2:00 PM: The Jaguars force another turnover, as on 4th & short, tight end Eric Ebron is handed the ball and immediately popped behind the line of scrimmage, flipping him up in the air by Jack, then hammered by Smith who forces the ball loose and recovered by Jack, Jaguars ball at their 40, great defense. 0-0.

1:54 PM: Expectedly, the Jaguars move the ball all of 2 yards and Kessler is sacked on third down doing enough just to get out of the end zone and avoid a safety. Logan Cooke has another shanked punt, his second today, and the Colts have it again inside the Jags 40. Also, Kessler might be playing concussed, so cheers!

1:50 PM: Ok a lot going on to start the second quarter. The Jags held up and forced an Adam Vinatieri field goal attempt which was made, however, Taven Bryan got flagged for “roughing the snapper”...I dunno either. Anyway, the Jags force another 4th and goal which the Colts go for, and is snuffed out short by Yannick Ngakoue. Jags ball from their 1 yard line, still 0-0.

1:43 PM: End of the first quarter with the game still sitting at goose eggs. Colts are currently driving inside Jaguars territory that was helped by a Ronnie Harrison penalty for taunting after the Jags had gotten the Colts off the field on a 3rd down. Another dumb, undisciplined move in a season full of them.

1:32 PM: Kessler gets blasted on first down and draws a personal foul for helmet to helmet contact. That’s all the offense the Jags get on the drive, as they punt it back three plays later. Yech.

1:26 PM: The defense holds true and keeps the Colts from doing much with the ensuing possession, thanks in part to Telvin Smith shutting down Marlon Mack on a 3rd & short. The Jags had to burn a challenge on the drive that was successful denying TY Hilton a reception on an obvious dropped pass.

1:14 PM: The Jaguars do nothing with the turnover, shocking I know, as Kessler’s first pass of the game to a receiver is nearly picked off on first down, deflecting wide off Donte Moncrief’s hands before being tipped and dropped by a host of Colts defenders. Yeldon gets a couple on the next play before Kessler is forced to run short of the yard to gain. Jaguars punt.

1:08 PM: The football Gods giveth and they taketh. On 3rd and 8 from the Jags 40, Andrew Luck is picked off by cornerback DJ Hayden! The Jaguars will get the ball back at around their 30 yard line. Sloppy start for both teams thus far.

1:05 PM: After TJ Yeldon gains a first down on a screen, Carlos Hyde’s first rush goes for 8 yards before he fumbles and is recovered by the Colts inside Jaguars territory. Sigh.

1:03 PM: The Colts won the toss and deferred, the Kessler experience begins now.

1:02 PM: Cold blooded..

12:45 PM: As we await the start of the game, here’s Jalen being amazing with a bunch of little kids pregame.

11:45 AM: The Jaguars have released their inactives and have made some significant changes to the starters, as rookie Ronnie Harrison starts for soon to be released Barry Church, at safety. Abry Jones starts in place of Malik Jackson, and recently brought back guard Patrick Omameh will start at left guard for Chris Reed. Also, Jalen Ramsey and Tashaun Gipson WILL play, despite being “Questionable” on Friday.

11:41 AM: Good morning! Welcome to the start of the Cody Kessler-led Jaguars. Hey, it can’t be worse than what we’ve dealt with thus far, right?.....right?!