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2019 NFL free agency: Which Jaguars players on offense would you keep?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The season is just about over and with the Jacksonville Jaguars out of playoff contention, it’s time to look towards evaluating the roster — who here is worth keeping, where are the holes we need to fill, and where will there be some long nights with some bubble guys?

On offense, the team was entirely underwhelming. The receivers were near the top of the league in terms of total drops, four of the five offensive linemen who started the season are on injured reserve, and the running backs were a mix of hurt and unsuccessful in overcoming the implosion around them.

The Jaguars have 16 free agents whose contracts are up this year. They don’t represent all the players who might get the axe in the coming weeks — Jermey Parnell and Blake Bortles come to mind — but they are the ones on which a decision has to be made before March.

2019 free agents

Player Position Age Years Dollars Average Gtd at signing
Player Position Age Years Dollars Average Gtd at signing
Donte Moncrief (2018-2018) WR 25 1 $9,600,000 $9,600,000 $9,600,000
T.J. Yeldon (2015-2018) RB 25 4 $5,913,774 $1,478,444 $3,264,736
A.J. Cann (2015-2018) G 27 4 $3,372,596 $843,149 $801,596
Corey Grant (2018-2018) RB 27 1 $2,914,000 $2,914,000 -
James O'Shaughnessy (2015-2018) TE 26 4 $2,473,254 $618,314 $166,254
Tyler Shatley (2017-2018) G 27 2 $2,055,000 $1,027,500 $75,000
Josh Wells (2017-2018) RT 27 2 $1,595,000 $797,500 $75,000
Tommy Bohanon (2017-2018) FB 28 2 $1,480,000 $740,000 -
Josh Walker (2017-2018) G 27 2 $1,320,000 $660,000 -
Jaydon Mickens (2017-2018) WR 24 2 $1,020,000 $510,000 -
Chris Reed (2016-2018) T 26 2 $990,000 $495,000 -
Patrick Omameh (2018-2018) G 28 1 $790,000 $790,000 -
Blake Bell (2018-2018) TE 27 1 $705,000 $705,000 -
Rashad Greene (2018-2018) WR 26 1 $705,000 $705,000 -
Corey Robinson (2018-2018) LT 26 1 $705,000 $705,000 -
Ereck Flowers (2018-2018) RT 24 1 $705,000 $705,000 -

My knee jerk reaction is that about half these players will be leaving. It’s not that they aren’t valuable, it’s just that they will likely earn more money elsewhere.

Donte Moncrief is likely gone after showing very little big play ability. You don’t pay $10 million a year to a guy averaging three catches for 60 yards a game.

T.J. Yeldon will probably test free agency and get a good contract elsewhere. It’s a shame too, he’s really shown flashes and gotten to the point where he has a defined role on this offense but he’ll command better money on another team.

I think Corey Grant and A.J. Cann will stay — as will most of the other offensive linemen. Tyler Shatley can play multiple positions as can Patrick Omameh. And Josh Wells will probably be here as well. Chris Reed is likely on his way out though.

And Tommy Bohanon will be signing an extension, I see no reason to let him go.

What do you think? Which free agents on offense will likely be coming back in 2019 and which ones will be seeing the boot? Let us know in the comments below!

And thanks to for compiling all this useful information!