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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Miami Dolphins: Week 16 sack analysis

Another game, another six sacks given up — but we won!

Jacksonville Jaguars v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars had their second consecutive game where they gave up six sacks, but they actually won this time over the Miami Dolphins.

Who was responsible for each of them?

Let’s find out!

Sack #1: 1st & 10 at JAX 41, 0:46 in 1Q

(0:46 - 1st) (Shotgun) C. Kessler sacked at JAX 39 for -2 yards (C. Harris).

Dede Westbrook hits the seam from the right slot. That’s the throw. THAT’S THE THROW, CODY. Instead, you hesitated and an okay pocket turned into a sack.

Fault: Cody Kessler

Sack #2: 1ST & 10 at JAX 34, 7:39 in 2Q

(Shotgun) C. Kessler sacked at JAX 27 for -7 yards. FUMBLES, RECOVERED by MIA-A. Branch at JAX 33. A. Branch to JAX 33 for no gain (P. Omameh).

Sweet merciful Jesus.

Fault: Cody Kessler

Sack #3: 3rd & 5 at MIA 46, 3:39 in 2Q

(Shotgun) B. Bortles sacked at JAX 48 for -6 yards (C. Wake).


Fault: Blake Bortles

Sack #4: 3rd & 9 at MIA 39, 10:28 in 3Q

(Shotgun) C. Kessler sacked at MIA 44 for -5 yards (J. Davis).

I don’t know whether Patrick Omameh missed a blocking assignment, or if this fell on a pre-snap read that Cody Kessler missed, or if Leonard Fournette should have alternated the side of the quarterback he was looking at — but I do know it was a mess.

Fault: Team

Sack #5: 3rd & 38 at MIA 45, 6:55 in 3Q

(Shotgun) C. Kessler sacked at JAX 47 for -8 yards (A. Branch).

Patrick Omameh is not an offensive tackle.

Fault: Patrick Omameh

Sack #6: 2nd & 6 at JAX 38, 3:09 in 3Q

(Shotgun) C. Kessler sacked at JAX 33 for -5 yards (R. Quinn).

This would have been on the quick side of acceptable for an NFL quarterback to get rid of the ball before pressure, so I’m going to let newly installed left tackle Ereck Flowers shoulder the blame. Robert Quinn gets around him more easily than he should.

Fault: Ereck Flowers


How in the world did we win this game? Oh, that’s right, the defense allowed as many points as it scored on its own. It’s literally impossible to lose when your defense can do that.

2018 sack totals

Player Sacks
Player Sacks
Team 9
Blake Bortles 8
Cody Kessler 7
A.J. Cann 6
Jermey Parnell 4
Chris Reed 4
Josh Walker 3.5
Ereck Flowers 3.5
Andrew Norwell 2
Brandon Wilds 1
Carlos Hyde 1
Leonard Fournette 1
Patrick Omameh 1
Corey Robinson 1
Brandon Linder 0.5
Josh Wells 0.5

Up next: The Houston Texans!