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Jaxson de Ville rips up Steelers fan’s sign at Jaguars game, fan gets mad online

There is a fan mad online.

A little more than two weeks ago, the Jacksonville Jaguars played host to the Pittsburgh Steelers. During the course of the game, Steelers fan Palma Ellis was... well, let’s just let her husband, Shannon, say it in his own words on his Facebook post here.

I am OUTRAGED. Can’t believe NFL Jaguar’s mascot “Jaxson de Ville” can get away with insulting my wife Palma Ellis 1 week ago at the Jacksonville-Steelers NFL game in Jacksonville, FL, on November 18, 2018! My wife left the stadium in tears! My wife loves the job that Steeler’s player, #30 James Conner has done this year in absence of Le’Veon Bell, so she made the sign “We love #30 Conner!”. Well, during the 2nd quarter, the mascot from Jacksonville came up to our sign, which was hanging over the rail, right next to the field, and tore it down, tore it up, and stomped on it, and then proceeded to mock my wife, now in tears, as we stood on the 2nd row of the stadium (see both the picture and the video attached). You can see at the end of the video that Jaxson put his “paws” up to his eyes, wrings them over his eyes, mocking my wife crying over the sign! How can a mascot, who represents a NFL team, during the game, do such a thing!!

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Shannon and Palma Ellis, Jesup, Georgia

The Press-Sentinel

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Posted by Shannon Ellis on Saturday, December 1, 2018

Go Jaguars.