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Jaguars vs. Titans final score: 9 Jacksonville players who stood out in 30-9 loss

What an embarrassment.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are an embarrassment. Unless an opponent is dumb enough to pass 60 times a game against them, the Jaguars will find a way to lose — badly.

Last night’s nationally televised debacle was demoralizing, ugly, and a waste of three hours that I’ll never get back. Only three more of these, thank God.

In honor of the nine points the Jaguars scored, we’ve got the nine players who stood out.

1. Leonard Fournette

The return of Fournette was supposed to reinvigorate this offense. After all, he’s the No. 4 overall pick from just a year ago and the bell-cow back that this offense is supposedly built around. But last night, Fournette looked... lost. That’s really the only way to put it. He had zero vision, chose to run sideways on short yardage plays, and ended with just 41 yards on 16 touches, a pathetic 2.6 yards per play. I’m sure some of this can be blamed on the offensive line having backups on backups getting starts, but at some point there has to be a judgment call — is Fournette good enough?

2. Cody Kessler

Like last week, Kessler wasn’t good overall. He’s average at best and he made a handful of good throws. Heck, early in the game he put together some good drives. But when a backup quarterback is attempting 43 passes on the road something is going terribly wrong. When you add in the sacks and scrambles, Kessler was asked to shoulder 52 of the offense’s 67 plays. That’s inexcusable.

3. Carlos Hyde

Why did the Jaguars give up a fifth round draft pick for a guy they’re only going to give three offensive snaps to on the road with a backup at quarterback? Hyde got one touch on the night — a catch for a three-yard loss — but he’s an afterthought’s afterthought when Fournette is healthy.

4. T.J. Yeldon

While we’re talking about running backs, why wasn’t Yeldon utilized more either? He only saw 13 offensive snaps when his checkdowns provided a safety blanket for Kessler and the offense. He ended the game with two touches for 17 total yards, a pedestrian total for a guy who should see the lion’s share of the carries when the running game falters like it did last night and you need to pick up those short gains through the air instead.

5. Rashad Greene

I don’t care how many wide receivers are injured, Greene should not be receiving snaps in NFL games ever again. He’s not a good return man, he’s not a good receiver — he just stinks, man.

6. Dede Westbrook

The lone bright spot on offense, Westbrook is a playmaker. His 88 receiving yards led both teams and he caught seven of his 10 targets on the day, including one for a touchdown. He’s someone you build this passing game around next year.

7. Telvin Smith

Derrick Henry stiff arms your entire defense for a 99-yard run and then you come out and say something like this after the game? GTFOH.

Telvin has been bad and not good for the better part of this season and that continued into last night where he filled the wrong gaps, missed tackles, and overall played like a player who wasn’t quite sure where he should be at all times.

8. A.J. Bouye

You’re a meme now, A.J.

9. Taven Bryan

The first round rookie from this year is (finally!) showing signs of improvement now that he’s playing his natural 3-tech position, but he still needs to put it together mentally. For example, on one play early in the game, Bryan blew up the backfield but didn’t know what to do with it. Marcus Mariota was there for the taking and he just... went the wrong direction.