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What insane thing are you going to do when the Jaguars win a Super Bowl?

I have never wanted to eat horse shit. The Jacksonville Jaguars have never won a Super Bowl.

Correlation? Maybe. I doubt it, but maybe.

Not for this Philadelphia Eagles fan. Oh no, siree. This guy took a mouthful of horse manure mere minutes after the city’s first NFL championship. I mean, look at this guy. Shit-eating grins like you read about.

Want another angle? Too bad!

But aside from the shock and awe, the video above got me thinking...

What is the most batshit insane thing you can see yourself doing when the Jaguars win a Super Bowl?

I mean, are you going to lose all semblance of reality and social etiquette and just plant yourself mouth-first into some horse feces? Will you jump off the Mathews Bridge? Gonna light a drinking establishment on fire?

Let us know in the comments below!