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Josh Lambo prefers cold pizza and the haters and losers are mad online

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

Bulls vs. Knicks.

Frazier vs. Ali.

Tesla vs. Edison.

Rivalries are a part of the human condition. We seek adversity, be it individually or in community. The confrontation pushes us to greatness we would never know on our own.

Josh Lambo is being pushed this morning and the Jacksonville Jaguars kicker will be delivered from the fiery furnace.

It all started when Lambo tweeted a perfectly reasonable opinion: cold pizza is better than hot pizza.

Would I ever advise such a take so early in the morning? Absolutely not. Folks, I’m dumb but I’m not stupid. But Lambo is a professional athlete with a steel trap mentality and years of practiced focus. He’s battle hardened and he knows what he’s doing.

The people are mad. Furious. They are tearing their clothes, putting on sackcloth and ashes, and walking out into the city wailing loudly and bitterly.

If Lambo hadn’t single-handedly won us several games and clinched a win in the AFC Divisional Round, would he even still be alive? It’s hard to say.

But what do you think? Is pizza better cold or hot? Let us know in the poll below and discuss in the comments!


Is pizza better cold or hot?

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