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Don Carey to sign with the Jaguars

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

According to multiple reports, the Jacksonville Jaguars will be signing veteran defensive back Don Carey for a role on special teams and as a backup. If that name sounds familiar to you, it should, because Carey spent a season with the Jaguars back in 2010 and started 10 games... poorly.

Carey was the player who Gene Smith infamously claimed after he was waived/injured by the Cleveland Browns, which is a big faux paux in league circles since a lot of teams have kind of a wink wink agreement to not make those kinds of moves and allow the player to revert to injured reserve.

Carey left Jacksonville after 2010 and had a nice little career with the Detroit Lions playing 84 games, starting 12, as a depth safety and special teams ace. This likely signals that defensive back Peyton Thompson will not be back for the Jaguars, as Carey would appear to fill the same role.