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Andrew Norwell contract details: $30 million guaranteed, potential out in 2020

Carolina Panthers vs  New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The contract details for new Jacksonville Jaguars guard Andrew Norwell are out and this contract is structured really, really well, folks.

Also, thanks to Spotrac for the easy-to-read table outlining everything. A few things stand out about the contract.

It’s a five-year, $66.5 million contract but Norwell’s cap hit is only $5 million this year. His base salary is just $2 million. That cap hit number jumps up to $16 million in 2019. That, paired with the fact that Blake Bortles’ deal can work out to an essential one-year deal, tells me this team is going all in on this year.

There’s also an out during the 2020 offseason with only $9 million in dead cap if the Jaguars decide to move on. That’s prudent cap management by John Idzik — the player is getting nearly half their money guaranteed and the team isn’t locking themselves into a new guy for more than two years.

All in all, a very good deal for a very good player. You’re making yourselves immediately better while keeping an eye on the future.