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What is the Jaguars biggest need after NFL free agency?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

While the 2018 NFL free agency period isn’t officially over, for all intents and purposes it’s over as far as finding impact players. More or less, the Jaguars are done spending in free agency and their focus will now fall towards the 2018 NFL Draft. The team answered a lot of their needs with veterans, so what’s the next step?

After all the signings, what is the Jaguars biggest need on the team?

For me, I think it’s probably two-fold in linebacker depth and backup quarterback. The latter simply because they literally don’t have one but that’s a topic we’ve discussed anyway.

As for linebacker, I’m not sure I think they need to focus on finding another starter early, as they have Telvin Smith and Myles Jack that will be playing the vast majority of the time, but the overall depth at the position looks to be an issue after Paul Posluszny’s retirement.

So after all the moves, what do you think is the remaining biggest need?