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Shad Khan: ‘I wasn’t going to ask for prime time games so we could embarrass ourselves’


NFL: International Series-Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Before last year, the Jacksonville Jaguars were bad — so bad that owner Shad Khan didn’t even think to petition the league for more prime time games because he was sick and tired of being embarrassed on national television.

Speaking at the NFL Owners’ Meeting on Tuesday, Khan was pretty candid about a number of things, including anthem protests, London games, and how the interactions with fellow owners has shifted now that the Jaguars don’t suck anymore.

But it was his comments about the team’s performances in front of a nationally televised audience that were the most authentic. When asked if he thinks the league will now listen to him on the Jaguars being scheduled for prime time games, Khan said he hasn’t asked for a prime time game in years.

“I’m not going to request anything. I’m not going to request anything and I haven’t. I haven’t done it in the past and I’m not doing it now. The reasons are very simple, Howard Katz and the staff at the NFL that does it, they do a great job. Like last year, the Browns and Jaguars were the only two teams who didn’t even have a Thursday Night game. It turned out pretty good for us. The year before when every team had to be on we had the Thursday night game in Tennessee, which was probably one of the more humiliating nights for me, so after that I didn’t ask for it. I wasn’t going to ask for it so we could embarrass ourselves on prime time.

If you remember, the game was a 36-22 blowout that was not nearly as close as the final score indicated. We wore our baby poop yellow jerseys, went down 17-0, and then responded with a three-and-out!

It was 36-8 in the fourth quarter and if not for two Blake Bortles garbage time touchdowns, the scoreline would be indicative of how bad the game really was.