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Will the Jaguars new uniforms feature more teal?

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

In case you didn’t know, the Jacksonville Jaguars will be unveiling new uniforms later this month. There’s been some things floating around the internet about them, but from what I understand those are nothing final and the final product will be different. We may have gotten some clues about what the new uniform will look like however, thanks to Shad Khan and Tom Coughlin at the NFL meetings this week, including teal perhaps being more prominently featured.

“I did not need to be talked into it because I had my first stab at the uniform and I think it was different and edgy and obviously disliked,” Jaguars owner Shad Khan said on Tuesday when he was asked if he had to be talked into teal being featured more in the new uniforms. “When we went through the re-do, it was like, ‘Okay let’s do something different.’ Teal obviously resonates with people because of the success we had historically and we [wore] teal. Tom felt last year, we were allowed two or three games we could have teal and he choose to [wear those] for the big games and it worked.”

It also helped that the Jaguars teal uniforms, the previous iteration, looked pretty clean with teal tops and black bottoms, arguably their best look of the past set. But sure, winning in them is also huge.

“Well it was just a feeling of who we are, what we represent,” Jaguars executive vice president Tom Coughlin said when asked about showcasing the new uniforms. “It’s a good look, it’s a solid look. It is, as I said at one point in time, we have guys that will be in the Hall of Fame and the connection will be there, the uniform will be very similar as we go forward. We just wanted a little bolder statement and I think we got it.”

I personally haven’t seen the final product, but from what I’ve heard I’d be surprised if they’re not more liked than the previous version, helmet not withstanding.