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2018 NFL Mock Draft: QB a popular choice for Jaguars

Oklahoma State v Pittsburgh Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

As we get closer to the 2018 NFL Draft, you will see a lot of mock drafts kind of settle and cluster together a rotation of picks for certain teams, especially the further down the draft board you go. We all remember the past few seasons of mock drafts quickly coming to a consensus for the Jacksonville Jaguars pick, since they were picking in the Top 5. There’s only so many ways to go, but instead when you’re sitting at 29th overall, you’ve got a huge range.

Recently a reader e-mailed me something they found interesting in regards to looking at all of the popular mock draft sites from major publications and reputable sites and/or blogs. A lot of people have the Jaguars picking on offense, more specifically, a quarterback.

William, the reader who sent this information over to me, noted that 10 of the mock drafts had the Jaguars picking a quarterback (eight for Lamar Jackson, two for Mason Rudolph). Nine other mocks had the Jaguars picking a wide receiver with a combination of either Christian Kirk, D.J. Moore or Courtland Sutton.

So that’s 70.4 percent of the mock drafts with the Jaguars picking either a quarterback or wide receiver and these mocks were all done after the New York Jets traded up to No. 3 overall. Only two of the 27 mocks had the Jaguars picking a defensive player, which I think is a sneaky pick at 29 depending on who falls.

Overall, these results make a lot of sense to me. I’m not too sure about picking a tight end high in the current offense, and while an offensive lineman fits, depending on who is available it would almost feel like a force.

Here’s the full list of players that William sent me:

10 Mocks have us selecting a QB, 8 Lamar Jackson, 2 Mason Rudolph.

9 Mocks have us selecting a WR, 5 Christian Kirk Texas A&M, 3 DJ Moore Maryland, 1 Courtland Sutton SMU.

4 have us selecting an OT, 2 Kolton Miller UCLA, 1 each for Connor Williams Texas, and Orlando Brown Oklahoma.

3 have us selecting a TE, 2 Mike Gesicki Penn State, and 1 Dallas Goedert South Dakota State.

1 has us selecting a CB, Jaire Alexander Louisville.

1 has us selecting a LB, Rashaan Evan Alabama.