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Jaguars can still re-sign Allen Robinson before NFL free agency

Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars informed wide receiver Allen Robinson on Tuesday morning that they would not be applying the franchise tag to him. While we can question and argue if that was the right move or not, it doesn’t necessarily mean Robinson won’t be back, though admittedly it’s probably unlikely.

Since Robinson was under contract with the Jaguars, the team can actually still negotiate contract terms with him prior to the official start of free agency or the “legal tampering” period. From now until March 12, the Jaguars will have the exclusive ability to actually negotiate with Robinson on a long term deal if that was their intention, and with letting Robinson know and not dragging out the drama of the tag, perhaps that was their idea.

The rumors swirling already seem to indicate that there will be a strong free agent market for Robinson, who despite coming off an ACL tear, looks to be the top wide receiver in NFL free agency. It’s not likely Robinson comes “cheap” and probably ends up with a deal bigger than what the Jaguars gave Allen Hurns two seasons ago.