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What do the Jaguars do at wide receiver now?

Seattle Seahawks v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

The franchise deadline has come and gone and the Jacksonville Jaguars did not apply it to wide receiver Allen Robinson, so that means there is now a huge need on the offensive side of the football that many didn’t consider a few months ago. There are a couple of avenues that the Jaguars can go to address the position, but right now quite a few of them seem a bit sketchy and they seemingly created another big need on offense that must be addressed.

One option is to simply just re-sign Robinson prior to the start of free agency, but at this point that seems unlikely. The team could also bring back wide receiver Marqise Lee, but again that kind of just keeps you at status quo.

Free Agency

The free agent market after Robinson for the receiver position is a bit barren. There is Sammy Watkins, but by all reports so far the Los Angeles Rams are aggressively trying to re-sign him. Plus, it’s likely that Watkins fetches around the same kind of price Robinson would, so why not just keep the guy you know?

There’s a few other fringe options to team could look at, such as former Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills receiver Jordan Matthews, but he’s dealt with his own injuries. On the same injury riddled past front there is also Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Paul Richardson that could be considered. A flyer on someone like Terrelle Pryor on a prove it type deal could also be an option.

2018 NFL Draft

The other option is to use their first round pick on a wide receiver in a top heavy class, but the big question is who would be available at the 29th overall pick? Do you trade up to get the guy you like? In using their first round pick on a receiver however, they’re then pushing down some of their other needs in the draft such as offensive line and tight end.

There are some interesting mid-round prospects, but asking a lot from rookie receivers in their first season is usually a task that ends in disappointment.

It will be interesting to see if the Jaguars had something up their sleeve with seemingly letting Robinson walk for nothing.