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2018 NFL free agency: Will the Jaguars go after any quarterbacks?

Is a veteran quarterback in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ future?

Jacksonville Jaguars vs New York Jets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars need some help at quarterback. Blake Bortles isn’t consistently good enough to win a Super Bowl and 32-year-old backup Chad Henne is no threat to the starting position.

If this team wants to get better, it means a veteran brought in to compete and a rookie drafted in either of the first two rounds — both either pushing Bortles to become the long-term guy or supplanting him.

The 2018 NFL Draft isn’t for another six weeks, but free agency is right around the corner. Who could the Jaguars sign immediately to improve this team at the quarterback position?

Here’s Spotrac’s full listing of all free agent quarterbacks in 2018.


If the Jaguars are in the veteran free agent quarterback market, I think there are three guys they will target: Josh McCown, Teddy Bridgewater, and Case Keenum.

The New York Jets are likely to draft a quarterback and the 38-year-old McCown will be tempted to spend his last go-around with an NFL team on a contender. The Minnesota Vikings are reportedly going to spend over $90 million to bring in Kirk Cousins and Bridgewater and Keenum have proven they can start in this league and they’ll want to find teams where they can do that. Let Sam Bradford be the backup.

The lack of an Allen Robinson extension makes me think their priorities are more in line with a veteran quarterback and a higher draft pick and getting both would be the only reason that makes sense to let your best wide receiver test free agency.

Wishful thinking

Kirk Cousins would have made this team a Super Bowl contender, but he’s not coming to Jacksonville — not after that bridge deal that Bortles signed. Drew Brees does the same thing, but unlike Washington, the New Orleans Saints were never going to let him go.

What do you think? Will the Jaguars go after a veteran quarterback in free agency? If so, who’s most likely to sign?