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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Decision time for 2018 restricted free agents

AFC Championship - Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars need to make some decisions on their restricted free agents -
The Jaguars have until Wednesday to make decisions on three restricted free agents.

While Jacksonville’s unrestricted free agent group has deservedly garnered a lot of attention, the Jaguars could also be impacted by players who are set to face the restricted market as well.

Safety Peyton Thompson and running backs Corey Grant and Tyler Gaffney are set to hit restricted free agency. The team has until Wednesday to extend tenders to the trio.

What free agent should the Jacksonville Jaguars target? -
It’s sneaking up quickly, but the 2018 NFL free agency period begins in less than a week, and tampering begins early next week. The Jacksonville Jaguars actually being good the season has made the offseason much shorter, thankfully. The past few seasons around this team we’re all at each other’s throats about who they should be picking in Round 6 of the NFL Draft and what third wave free agents are on our wish list because we’ve discussed everything. Now we’re calling each other stupid for not franchising a good player.

Man, that’s much more refreshing.

2018 free agent options for the Jacksonville Jaguars -
The Jacksonville Jaguars made excellent decisions on free agents in the past years. These additions molded a winning team. However growth must be made every year to remain competitive. Where to start?

Free agent or draft needs are in the following areas. First the quarterback need. This is as a backup and/or a possible young talent as a project. Next, as always, the offensive line. Tight end is another area of need. Finally, wide receiver because no franchise tag was placed on Allen Robinson, and he could leave in free agency.