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What’s a sneaky NFL Draft pick for the Jaguars?

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NCAA Football: Ohio State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars could go many different ways with the 29th overall pick, most seem to think it will be something along the lines of a tight end or offensive lineman. Both of those picks would make sense, an offensive lineman more than a tight end in my opinion, but sometimes picking that late in the first round, teams kind of go off the reservation a bit.

It’s not bad, it just sometimes kind of comes out of nowhere and people aren’t expecting that position. So for the Jaguars, what is a sneaky pick you could see at 29th overall?

For me, I could see the Jaguars taking a defensive back, depending on who is there. Someone like a Joshua Jackson from Iowa, who seems to fit what they look for in an outside corner and could possibly also transition to safety. Maybe one of the other defensive back slips or there’s just an under the radar guy who shoots up the draft board.

Even with the signing of DJ Hayden, I think the Jaguars are scary thin at the cornerback position, so grabbing someone at 29 depending on the board, seems like a good investment for the future.