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2018 NFL Draft: Is a TE a smart pick at 29?

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There are two positions mocked to the Jacksonville Jaguars for the 2018 NFL Draft that are seemingly becoming the chalk; tight end and offensive line. Both make sense, as it’s a struggle to find good offensive lineman in the NFL and the Jaguars could use an injection of talent at the tight end position, even with the signings of Niles Paul and Austin Sefarian-Jenkins.

But I do feel the need to ask the question: Is using the 29th overall pick on a tight end in this class really good use of the pick?

One under talked about benefit of first round picks under the new CBA is the fifth-year option, especially for later first round draft picks and premium positions. You get one extra year of control, usually at a decent price tag. While this may only be a deciding factor in things like two players you have tied, it is something to consider.

Outside of that as well is; how much is a rookie tight end going to really help out this offense? You’d have to think that ASJ is going to be the every down starter, so is drafting his backup going to be that beneficial? Most of the time when you have two tight ends in the formation it’s because you’re running the football and you generally don’t want to use that high of a pick on that kind of a niche position/role.

Sure, you’re always drafting for the future, but it’s still a tight end, you know? In the Jaguars current offense, it doesn’t seem like a tight end in the first round is really the best use of resources.