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Where is the draft day sweet spot for a right guard?

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When is the right time for the Jacksonville Jaguars to pull the trigger on certain positions?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have what looks to be a great offensive line — a monster left tackle, arguably the best run-blocking left guard in the game, as solid a center as you’ll find, and a serviceable right tackle.

But what about right guard?

In this series, I want to look at the Jaguars’ draft needs and try to find the “sweet spot” for those positions in the draft. I want to find the lowest round where I’ll still be able to pick a better-than-average player so that I can walk away from the draft with as much value as possible.

There are seven positions the Jaguars need — quarterback, offensive lineman, cornerback, tight end, linebacker, defensive end, and running back.

In Part 2 of my series, I’m looking over the offensive guards and to help me organize the players I’ve used Dane Brugler’s prospect rankings published at

Offensive linemen

DS Rank Name School Proj. Round
DS Rank Name School Proj. Round
3 Quenton Nelson OG, Notre Dame 1
18 *James Daniels C, Iowa 1
23 *Will Hernandez OG, Texas-El Paso 1
24 *Connor Williams OT, Texas 1
27 Isaiah Wynn OG, Georgia 1
42 Billy Price C, Ohio State 2
56 Austin Corbett OG, Nevada 2
84 Braden Smith OG, Auburn 2-3
108 Wyatt Teller OG, Virginia Tech 3-4
134 Sean Welsh OG, Iowa 4
147 Skyler Phillips OG, Idaho State 4-5
165 Taylor Hearn OG, Clemson 5
172 *Cole Madison OG, Washington State 5
204 Colby Gossett OG, Appalachian State 6
214 Tony Adams OG, North Carolina State 6
224 Jamil Demby OG, Maine 6-7
240 Cody OConnell OG, Washington State 7
248 *Nick Gates OG, Nebraska 7

Braden Smith is probably the line here between “elite to good enough” prospects and “he’ll be gone in two years” prospects. If Austin Corbett is still available at the bottom of the second round (which he probably will be with the run on quarterbacks early) he’ll be the pick for the Jaguars.

With the first round being the place to go for a quarterback if you need one, the second round might be ripe with guys going a few spots later than they deserve to.

Sweet spot for Jaguars at OG: Round 2