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Todd McShay 3-round mock draft: Jaguars pick Lamar Jackson

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If Todd McShay made predictions based on what he would do — and not what he’s hearing will happen — how would his mock draft shake out?

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Todd McShay just dropped his first three-round mock draft on ESPN and instead of making picks based on what he’s hearing, he made picks based on what he thinks would be best for the team — and the Jacksonville Jaguars benefited in a big way.

Here goes nothing, Todd.

3-round mock draft... let’s go!

Jacksonville Jaguars

Round 1 (29): Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

Round 2 (61): B.J. Hill, DT, NC State

Round 3 (93): Duke Dawson, CB, Florida

This would be an interesting spot for Jackson, who wouldn’t need to play right away but could be a long-term solution if Blake Bortles doesn’t continue to progress. Jackson is special with the ball in his hands and would be another playmaker. Hill is a two-down run-stuffer and Dawson could help in the slot to replace Aaron Colvin.

The Jaguars get their quarterback of the future this year — either Bortles progresses into a quarterback who can lead his team to a Super Bowl or they get the raw, athletic prospect in Jackson. Either way, there’s likely an improvement under center going forward, and that’s good news to an elite defense that has maybe one more year at the top.

As far as Hill goes, Marcell Dareus could be gone next offseason, and at 315 pounds he fits more into what he does than what Malik Jackson does. He’s a big, strong interior tackle who can penetrate the line but also slide over and play big end. He made the All-ACC Honorable Mention team with 56 tackles last season.

And Dawson comes in and competes for the slot cornerback position right away, providing at least four-deep depth with D.J. Hayden being signed away as the No. 3 guy.