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Will the Jaguars draft 2019 replacements?

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The 2018 NFL Draft is a bit of an odd one for the Jacksonville Jaguars, as I feel like they could line up in a week and play a game and not really have any glaring holes in their team. While you could get an immediate starter, you don’t have to force on there right now. So really, you can finally go that mythic “best available player” at pick No. 29.

You could also start looking at the future and who you could possibly have to replace after the 2018 season.

Here’s a list of the Jaguars 2019 free agents:

So from here, you can see not really anyone super important is scheduled to be a free agent, but you have guys who could be starters that might walk. Someone like AJ Cann, while has been underwhelming, is still currently a starting offensive lineman. Joining Cann as a pending free agent you have two other offensive lineman in Tyler Shatley and Josh Wells who have gotten a lot of playtime recently.

Then you also have to consider possible cap cuts between people like Marcell Dareus, Calais Campbell and Malik Jackson and the depth on the defensive line. Then consider the potentially losing Dante Fowler, Jr. to free agency if they do not pick up his fifth-year option.