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Jaguars ‘unlikely’ to be interested in Dez Bryant

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys released veteran wide receiver Dez Bryant a few days ago, which perked the ears of a lot of NFL fans, including Jacksonville Jaguars fans. It makes sense, Bryant is a big time name and at one point was a big time NFL wide receiver, but the key phrase there is “at one time”.

Thankfully, it doesn’t appear like the Jaguars are interested.

Bryant, 29, has been a productive receiver in the NFL for a number of years, but the last time he had a “good” season was back in 2014. The past three seasons have been underwhelming for a receiver like Bryant, though he has posted solid touchdown numbers, his receptions and yards just aren’t there.

Part of that is because there was a quarterback change, part of it was because the Cowboys offense changed and some of it was because of injuries. The reality of it is though, the Jaguars don’t need to be interested in signing someone like Bryant in the hopes of him finding his form.

They already did that with Donte Moncrief and they have three other receiver they’ll want to get play time. Signing someone like Bryant likely wouldn’t be “cheap” and would take valuable snaps from guys like Keelan Cole and Dede Westbrook.