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How many prime time games will the Jaguars get?

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NFL: Pro Bowl-NFC vs AFC Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 NFL schedule is going to be released Thursday evening, but we will likely start to see leaks of games on the schedule, especially prime time games. The Jaguars last season, understandably so, didn’t have a single prime time game. They did end up having a game against the Seattle Seahawks late in the season flexed to the four o-clock hour, but otherwise it was the standard mid-day schedule.

After a trip to the AFC Championship game where they were in it right up until the end, following a thrilling win on the road against the Pittsburgh Steelers I imagine that the Jaguars will be a kind of hot commodity and trendy team for the networks to pounce on.

Not only are they going to be a trendy team, but they’re also fun as hell to watch because of their defense. You’ve got trash talkers and playmakers like Jalen Ramsey, then the rest of the defensive line and guys like Telvin Smith.

My guess is going to be two prime time games, but they might be away games.

How many do you think they’ll get?