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2018 mock draft database: Jaguars favored to pick D.J. Moore or Dallas Goedert

It’s either D.J. Moore or Dallas Goedert in nearly 20 percent of mock drafts.

The mock drafts have been updated and the consensus is that the Jacksonville Jaguars are either picking Maryland wide receiver D.J. Moore or South Dakota State tight end Dallas Goedert.

That’s according to SB Nation’s 2018 mock draft database, which gathers information from over 100 mock drafts and spits out the most frequent picks.

My money is on an offensive lineman, honestly. Will Hernandez would give the Jaguars one of the best offensive lines in football. Connor Williams can swing to right tackle and be Jeremy Parnell’s replacement next offseason when they inevitably let him go.

What do you think? Will Moore or Goedert be the pick? Or will it be someone who’s been predicted a little less frequently?