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Can the Jaguars make a bad pick?

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NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-Leonard Fournette Press Conference Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

It feels surreal to me that the 2018 NFL Draft is tomorrow. It’s probably just because the Jacksonville Jaguars weren’t out of it in October of 2017, so we didn’t really focus on the draft, but this week I find myself constantly forgetting that the draft is this week and general just disinterest in it.

Turns out when the Jaguars aren’t awful, I don’t really care who they draft!

I’ve sent a few tweets out on where I think the Jaguars will go with the 29th overall pick, not necessarily who I want them to pick or who I think they should pick. I haven’t really found myself being too invested in wanting a pick like I have in the past. I think it’s in part because they’re good and also because they pick so late... we have no idea who will be there.

When the Jaguars were picking in the Top 5, you had a general idea of who was going to be there. There were often heated discussions on who they team should pick, who they shouldn’t pick, who you’d get upset at them picking, etc.

This week, talking about the draft with a few friends, I kind of realized outside of a punter or kicker, there’s probably not a pick 29th overall that I’d really be upset about.

Wide receiver? I don’t really get it, but sure. Tight end? Fine. Offensive lineman? Go for it. Quarterback? Makes sense, would be fun. Defensive player? Can never have enough.

Sure, the Jaguars can make a bad pick in the sense that the player is a bust, but can they really make a bad pick this year?