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Taven Bryan surprised Jaguars selected him

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NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars surprised a lot of people with their selection of Florida Gators defensive lineman Taven Bryan with the 29th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, including Bryan himself. The defensive lineman, known as the “Wyoming Wild Man”, knew he’d go in the first round but he wasn’t sure it would be to a team like the Jaguars.

“Yes, honestly I was really surprised. I thought there was no way the Jags were going to pick us,” Bryan said in a conference call Thursday evening shortly after he was picked. “You guys already have a bunch of Pro Bowlers and a bunch of great players. I was, laughs, ‘Well, they are definitely not picking me.’ Then you guys called me and it was awesome.”

Bryan joins a talented and now loaded defensive line and one of the best overall defenses in the NFL. It really shouldn’t be a surprise that Tom Coughlin wanted to load up on pass rushers, considering his past.

“They said that they would definitely like to have me if I am there,” Bryan said when asked about his pre-draft visit with the Jaguars. “I said it would be a good place to come to. Funny how things end up.”

Bryan has everything you want athletically for a defensive lineman and the Jaguars have a talented defensive line coach, known for developing pass rushers in Marion Hobby, so watching his growth should be interesting.