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Tom Coughlin views Taven Bryan as a 3-technique, for now

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The selection of Taven Bryan with the 29th overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft initially left a lot of Jacksonville Jaguars fans confused, because almost everyone expected the Jaguars to pick an offensive player, but it also made people wonder where Bryan would play. How exactly would he fit into the Jaguars defense?

For now, it seems that he’s going to be a package pass rusher on the inside of the defensive line.

“But fortunately, when it came our pick, we did have an opportunity to draft Taven Bryan; an outstanding, 3-technique penetrator [and] outstanding athlete who is 6’-5”, 293 pounds, [and] ran under 5-flat,” Jaguars executive vice president Tom Coughlin said Thursday evening after the pick. “[He has] outstanding quickness, outstanding ability to come off on the ball, has position flexibility in that he can play inside and he can play outside. So, we have added another pass-rushing, penetrating defensive lineman and he will fit in very well with our room.”

My first impression with the pick of Bryan was that he’s the eventual replacement for Calais Campbell, as someone who can line up at defensive end on base downs and the kick inside to rush the passer from the defensive tackle position on passing downs. Bryan, with his athleticism, would seem to fit that role.