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Oklahoma TE Mark Andrews to visit Jaguars, per report

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Big 12 Championship - Oklahoma v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Now that it’s officially April, we’ll start to see the Jacksonville Jaguars schedule private workouts with NFL Draft prospects outside of just working them out at Pro Days. On Tuesday the Jaguars will host Oklahoma tight end Mark Andrews, according to Ryan O’Halloran of The Florida Times-Union.

Andrews has the typical NFL tight end size, measuring at 6’5 and weighing in at nearly 260 pounds at the NFL combine. He ran a 4.67 40-yard dash, but personally I have some concerns with his game-speed more so than anything else and I’m not a huge fan. He’s been very productive in Oklahoma’s offense, but he does look like he’s moving in slow motion sometimes and he’s not much of a blocker.

What Andrews is though, is a touchdown machine in the redzone. He does a good job using his body to box out defenders and catch passes for touchdowns. While Marcedes Lewis was never the big redzone threat that he should have been in his Jaguars career, he was a threat in the redzone and Andrews would bring that.