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Ohio State linebacker Jerome Baker visits Jaguars

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NCAA Football: Big Ten Championship-Ohio State vs Wisconsin Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are reportedly bringing in Ohio State linebacker Jerome Baker for a pre-draft private workout.

According to our friends at Land Grant Holy Land, if you’ll remember, Baker was asked by an unnamed NFL coach at the Combine what he’d do if he were punched in the face.

In the article, Baker said that the first question that an unnamed NFL coach asked him in their interview session was what he would do if the coach punched him in the face right then and there.

Unfazed by the idiotic inquiry, Baker told USA Today, “To me, being from Cleveland, my natural reaction was, ‘Coach, no disrespect but if you punch me in the face, we’re gonna fight right here.’”

According to Baker, the coach in question just said “Good,” and moved on. However, later in the day, the former Buckeye happened across the coach and asked him why he opened with that specific question. Rather than it being about any unsubstantiated rumor that the coach had heard about Baker, he admitted that it was simply to see how the linebacker would respond.

“He said most guys freeze up or say they wouldn’t do anything when he asks them that,” Baker told Draft Wire. “He said, ‘I don’t know about you, but if somebody were to randomly punch me in the face right now, I wouldn’t just stand there. I’d fight back.’ I guess he liked my response (laughs).”

Baker is also a really good linebacker with a 4.53 40-yard dash and an expected first round grade.

You can read more about Baker being asked dumb questions by NFL coaches here.