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Will Richardson wasn’t worried about off field issues

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North Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Jacksonville Jaguars fourth-round pick Will Richardson ended up going lower in the draft than he had hoped, likely caused by some off the field incidents he had in college, which led to him being suspended two games to begin the season. Those issues are behind him, according to Richardson, and he wasn’t all that concerned about them in the draft.

“Honestly, I just prayed to God. I just asked him – he knows how I felt in the past,” Richardson said when asked about his issues on Saturday after being selected. “He knows what I do now. He knows I am a changed person. Of course, it is on my mind. I was falling and falling. My off-the-field issues of the past were the reason it was happening, so now that is even more of an urge for me to show people that I am not the person they think I am. I can really stay focused and be on track and stick to football.”

If all of that is behind him, the Jaguars may have gotten a steal in the fourth round, as well as a future starter. For now though, Richardson can provide depth and he believes he has the ability to play both tackle positions.

“Yes, sir,” Richardson said when asked if he could play multiple spots on the offensive line. “The way I look at it, I will play whatever the team needs me to do and I am willing to learn. I played a lot of right tackle, but definitely still comfortable on the left side. I have been down in Dallas training at APEC and I practiced all left tackle. As far as guard, I never played it in college.”

Though Richardson has never played guard, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Jaguars try him out there.