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Jaguars land 5 of Mike Mayock’s Top 100

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Notre Dame v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars pulled a lot of good football players in the 2018 NFL Draft class, including some of their potential undrafted free agent signings. It’s interesting to go around looking at draft rankings when the dust has settled to see just where the players ended up juxtaposed to their rankings.

For the Jacksonville Jaguars 2018 NFL Draft class, they ended up with five of Mike Mayock’s Top 100 ranked players, two of which ended up as undrafted free agent signings.

The three drafted were defensive lineman Taven Bryan, wide receiver D.J. Chark and safety Ronnie Harrison. No surprise there, that all three of those picking the Top 100 were ranked in Mayock’s Top 100.

The other two were a paid pair of undrafted free agents in wide receiver Allen Lazard and defensive back Quenton Meeks out of Stanford. Both of these players were in Mayock’s Top 100 rankings, so it’s a surprise they didn’t get drafted at all.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean all these players will be good, but it’s interesting to look back on.

(h/t /r/NFL)