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NFL Network Top 100: Yannick Ngakoue ranked behind Bruce Irvin and J.J. Watt?

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars saw their first entry into the NFL Network Top 100 players this year and he was No. 88 overall.

Okay, that’s fine, the 88th best player sounds like a go-WAIT WHO WENT RIGHT AFTER HIM?

Bruce Irvin came in as the No. 85 player in the NFL. J.J. Watt came in as the No. 84 player. Am I taking crazy pills?

Irvin finished last year with 8.0 sacks and 4.0 forced fumbles.

Watt has a bad back (no one ever had a bad back, RIP Beaux Jaxson).

Ngakoue finished with 12.0 sacks, 6.0 forced fumbles, and a touchdown. Has Irvin ever gotten a touchdown? Did Watt even get as many tackles as Ngakoue did sacks?

No. No they did not.

Go Jaguars.