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Jaguars sign Tanner Lee to rookie contract

The Jacksonville Jaguars have officially signed sixth round rookie quarterback Tanner Lee from Nebraska to his rookie contract.

Lee played at both Tulane and Nebraska, starting 31 games and earning 46 touchdowns against 37 interceptions. He has the third-most passing yards in Nebraska history and combined for 6,744 yards at Tulane and Nebraska.

Our friends at Corn Nation brought a little knowledge to the table regarding the third quarterback on the depth chart.

Lee looks the part. He is big, strong, and good in the classroom or at the podium. By all accounts, he is a high-quality human being who represented Nebraska well during a really difficult season. He needs to improve at...not throwing the ball to the other team. As Mike said, decision-making was a sore spot. He is getting a pass from NFL scouts because of the awfulness of the Nebraska running game and offensive line. Seriously, no one could expect him to make good decisions when every defender knew what was coming on passing downs and when he was running for his life.

The Jaguars are getting either the guy who throws just about as many interceptions as touchdowns which is what we have seen at Tulane and his one year at Nebraska, or the Jaguars are getting a top-5 talent who has never had an opportunity to play behind an average offensive line. That really is the debate. I hope that we get to see Tanner Lee for the Jags with that running game.

Last year’s No. 202 overall pick was linebacker Pita Taumoepenu, who signed a four-year, $2,545,444 contract, so Lee should make a little more than that. Maybe even considerably so, considering he’s a quarterback.

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