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Will Richardson signs rookie contract with Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars have signed fourth round offensive lineman Will Richardson out of North Carolina State, a player who will compete for the right guard position right out of the gate.

As long as those issues are behind him, the Jaguars may have just picked up their new swing offensive tackle, at least for Richardson’s rookie year. He’s been mainly a right tackle in college and a lot of experts view him as a right tackle only, but Caldwell thinks they can get versatility out of the rookie.

What do our friends at Backing The Pack think of Richardson? A lot, apparently.

He just has a great mix of size, strength, and quickness — and maybe as a right tackle he wasn’t always playing against great edge defenders, but the kind of success he had there makes me think he is good enough to become a long-term starter.

Last year’s No. 129 overall pick was offensive tackle, who signed a four-year, $2,986,415 contract, so Richardson should sign for north of $3 million.

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