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What are the expectations for Taven Bryan?

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars used their first round pick on Florida defensive tackle Taven Bryan during the 2018 NFL Draft. The pick was a bit of a surprise to a lot of people, including the Jaguars in a sense because they expected him to not be available at their pick. Many thought the Jaguars would for sure be going with an offensive player at the position, but Bryan presented way too much value for the Jaguars to pass up.

The question now becomes, how does Bryan fit into the defensive line rotation and how much is he actually going to play? Given the uncertainty with his snaps, what should the expectations for him be? Are they a lot more measured now?

My assumption right now, based on nothing but opinion and piecing together post-draft quotes is that Bryan is going to get a lot of rotation on the defensive line early at two different positions, big end and three-technique.

At Florida Bryan played on the interior of the defensive line where he could just use his raw athleticism to beat less athletic college offensive lineman. In the NFL that is going to work as often as it did in college, though he will likely face a lot less double teams early in his career.

So I believe that during the season Bryan will end up being the primary backup for All-Pro defensive lineman Calais Campbell is a similar role, playing both outside and kicking in on some passing downs.

I think if Bryan comes in around the 3-4 sack mark his first season, that’s a pretty good year considering it’s basically impossible, outside of injury, for him to get a lot of snaps let alone start.


What are you expectations for Taven Bryan?

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    0-4 Sacks
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    5-8 sacks
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    9+ sacks
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